Grace Primary School


Grace Primary School is a noisy, happy, learning place! Children's laughter flows through the windows, their voices chiming together in song and rhyme. However, not all those voices are coming through windows or sitting at desks in a classroom. Some classes are gathered under trees or meeting on the classroom porch -- because there aren't enough classrooms for all the children.
You can help by starting a campaign to build new classrooms at Grace Primary School. One classroom cost $9000. We are committed to building 7 more classrooms at the Primary school to accommodate all our students, plus a computer lab and library.

Help us build our school – one class at a time!

Our Preschool program began in 2010 when local parents and the Grace Alliance Church decided it was important to begin teaching their small children. Two young women volunteered to teach 30 children. The response from the community was explosive. After just six months, more than 300 children were enrolled in the Grace Preschool.

In September 2017, we added sixth grade to our school. We will continue adding a grade each year through Standard Eight. (This is the equivalent of finishing elementary school). We plan to begin offering Secondary School courses by 2019. It is our vision to continue growing our education programs culminating with the establishment of the Grace Alliance University. 

Our 6th graders in our current library/computer lab.